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Rose Stem - Peach Kete Bag (10pk) - 7x3.5x7mm

Rose Mixed Posy - White Standard Chrysanthemum Stem - Light Pink
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2 Branch Phalaenopsis Stem - 1 More info 2 Branch Phalaenopsis Stem - 1
74 in stock SKU: 0400-03 White with Yellow Centre


Artificial Banana 35x200mmL More info Artificial Banana 35x200mmL
423 in stock SKU: 0454-43 Yellow


Frangipani Blooms 6cm  (100pcs More info Frangipani Blooms 6cm (100pcs
8 in stock SKU: 0458-01 White with Yellow Centre


Stick On Bumble Bee (30 pk) More info Stick On Bumble Bee (30 pk)
27 in stock SKU: 0702-43 Red/Yellow


Sunflower on Stick (24 pk) More info Sunflower on Stick (24 pk)
37 in stock SKU: 0704-43 Yellow Sunflower


Polyester Tear Rbn 32mmx91m More info Polyester Tear Rbn 32mmx91m
30 in stock SKU: 1205-43 Yellow


Edged Organza - 25mm x 50m More info Edged Organza - 25mm x 50m
99 in stock SKU: 1225-43 Yellow


Edged Organza - 38mm x 50m More info Edged Organza - 38mm x 50m
28 in stock and 100 on order (ETA 13 Feb) SKU: 1230-43 Yellow


Paper Raffia - 7mmx10m More info Paper Raffia - 7mmx10m
872 in stock SKU: 1450-43 Yellow


Org. Bags Med. 12cmx17cmH (10p More info Org. Bags Med. 12cmx17cmH (10p
28 in stock SKU: 1533-43 Yellow


Org. Bags Lge 14.5cmx21cmH (10 More info Org. Bags Lge 14.5cmx21cmH (10
83 in stock SKU: 1537-43 Yellow


Non Woven Wrap - Yellow More info Coming Soon Non Woven Wrap - Yellow
Coming soon (ETA 25 Feb) SKU: 210043 size:50cm wide x 30m

Sisal Mesh 54cm x 6yds More info Sisal Mesh 54cm x 6yds
41 in stock SKU: 220343 Yellow


Mothers Day Bees And Bugs More info Mothers Day Bees And Bugs
5 in stock SKU: 2516896 Helium Balloon - 18 Inch


Crimped Curling Rbn 5mmx455m More info Crimped Curling Rbn 5mmx455m
106 in stock SKU: 2550-43 Yellow


Decorative Wire More info Decorative Wire
55 in stock SKU: 5550-43 Yellow 0.65mmx55m


Coloured Pearl Pins More info Coloured Pearl Pins
73 in stock SKU: 5910-08 Round 35mmL


Pearlwrap - Dandelion More info Coming Soon Pearlwrap - Dandelion
Coming soon (ETA 29 Jan) SKU: 7000-43 600mm x 50m Roll

Pearlwrap - Lime/Dandelion More info Pearlwrap - Lime/Dandelion
45 in stock SKU: 7001-4367 600mm x 50m Roll


Pearlwrap - Dandelion Yellow More info Pearlwrap - Dandelion Yellow
44 in stock SKU: 7003-4343 50 x 60cm Sheet (pk 50 shts)


Candy Stripe More info Candy Stripe
9 in stock SKU: 7100-08 600x45m - Counter Roll


Floral Yellow More info Floral Yellow
33 in stock SKU: 7107-0743 600x45m - Counter Roll


Gel Balls More info Gel Balls
118 in stock SKU: 8000-43 Yellow


Feathers 50pk More info Feathers 50pk
62 in stock SKU: 8430-43 Yellow 90mm


Candles Floating 100 Pack More info Candles Floating 100 Pack
54 in stock SKU: 8570-01 French Vanilla


Posy Box More info Posy Box
1938 in stock SKU: PBSY Yellow 130x110mmH


Large Carry Cube More info Large Carry Cube
65 in stock SKU: VCC310Y Yellow 310mmSq


Tapered Water Vase Yellow-210mmH More info Tapered Water Vase Yellow-210mmH
36 in stock SKU: VFT150Y


Tapered Water Vase Yellow-260mmH More info Tapered Water Vase Yellow-260mmH
36 in stock SKU: VFT180Y


Medium Square Box More info Medium Square Box
44 in stock SKU: VSS300Y Yellow 300mmSq


Large Gift Box - Yellow More info Large Gift Box - Yellow
56 in stock SKU: VSS370Y 370mm x 370mm x 225mmH


Medium Rectangle Tray More info Medium Rectangle Tray
43 in stock SKU: VTT300Y Yellow 300x250x90mmH

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