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Hydrangea Stem 55cm - White Amaryllis 68cm - Light Pink

Heart Leaf Non-Woven Roll  - White - 50cmx10m Dahlia Stem White - White
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Trays & Crates

Rectangle Tray Baskets More info Rectangle Tray Baskets
116 in stock SKU: 0892-53 Dark Brown - 3 Set


Wooden Weave Basket More info Wooden Weave Basket
83 in stock SKU: 0896-53 Dark Brown 2 Set


Round Willow Tray Basket More info Round Willow Tray Basket
1 in stock SKU: 0899-99 Light Brown 300x90mmH


Willow Cheese Platter More info Willow Cheese Platter
84 in stock SKU: 0909-02 Grey 350x280x15mmH


Wooden Crate More info Coming Soon Wooden Crate
Coming soon SKU: 0912-99 Natural 2 set

Square Willow Basket Trays More info Square Willow Basket Trays
16 in stock SKU: 0918-99 Set of 3


Apple Crates More info Coming Soon Apple Crates
Coming soon SKU: 0920-53 Natural 2 set

Basket Tray / Linen Lined - 350x285x110H More info Basket Tray / Linen Lined - 350x285x110H
5 in stock SKU: 0930-99


Fabric Covered  Basket Tray - 300x200x140mmH More info Fabric Covered Basket Tray - 300x200x140mmH
144 in stock SKU: 0936-99


Wicker Tray More info Wicker Tray
379 in stock SKU: 0961-96 44*26*7/10cmH


Tapered Wooden Tray More info Tapered Wooden Tray
235 in stock SKU: 0963-0199 35*27.5*14cmH


Thick Willow Rope Handle Tray More info Coming Soon Thick Willow Rope Handle Tray
Coming soon SKU: 0968-96 Top is 40X22cm - Bottom 38X20cm - Height

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