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Peony Mixed Posy - Pink Rectangular Tray Christmas Kraft 220x170mmx60mmh

Art. Phalaenopsis Pot Plant - 3 Stem - White Rectangular Tray Christmas Red - Red 390x340x90mmH
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Single Stem Calla 38cm Long More info Single Stem Calla 38cm Long
328 in stock SKU: 0410-95 Black 380mmL


Artificial Vine 1.6m More info Artificial Vine 1.6m
22 in stock SKU: 0460-53 Brown


Art. Vine-150cm Long (2pk) More info Art. Vine-150cm Long (2pk)
7 in stock SKU: 0525-99 Brown/Green


Wooden Pegs (50 pk) More info Wooden Pegs (50 pk)
124 in stock SKU: 0706-99 Natural


Posy Basket More info Posy Basket
837 in stock SKU: 0853-99 Natural 200x400mmH


Rectangle Tray Baskets More info Rectangle Tray Baskets
116 in stock SKU: 0892-53 Dark Brown - 3 Set


Round Baskets More info Round Baskets
62 in stock SKU: 0893-53 Dark Brown 3 Set


Wooden Weave Basket More info Wooden Weave Basket
83 in stock SKU: 0896-53 Dark Brown 2 Set


Round Willow Tray Basket More info Round Willow Tray Basket
1 in stock SKU: 0899-99 Light Brown 300x90mmH


Wooden Weaved Basket More info Wooden Weaved Basket
10 in stock SKU: 0905-53 Dark Brown 200x120x300mmH


Wooden Crate More info Coming Soon Wooden Crate
Coming soon SKU: 0912-99 Natural 2 set

Wooden Wine box - 1 bottle More info Wooden Wine box - 1 bottle
118 in stock SKU: 0914-99 110mmsq. x 345mmH


China Knot 2mmx100m More info China Knot 2mmx100m
63 in stock SKU: 1199-53 Brown


Cut Edge Organza - 25mm x 50m More info Cut Edge Organza - 25mm x 50m
18 in stock SKU: 1210-56 Chocolate


Hessian Ribbon with Lace 60mm More info Hessian Ribbon with Lace 60mm
321 in stock SKU: 1294-01 Natural/White


Hessian Ribbon 60mm x 2m More info Hessian Ribbon 60mm x 2m
68 in stock SKU: 1294-99 Natural


Paper Raffia - 7mmx10m More info Paper Raffia - 7mmx10m
1178 in stock SKU: 1450-99 Natural


Raffia More info Raffia
121 in stock and 40 on order (ETA 1 Nov) SKU: 1480-99 Natural 1kg


Flax Box - 2 Set More info Coming Soon Flax Box - 2 Set
Coming soon (ETA 1 Nov) SKU: 1490-99 200mm/250mmSq

Kete Bag (10pk) More info Kete Bag (10pk)
37 in stock SKU: 1495-99 120mmSq


Woven Flax Mats (5 Pack) More info Coming Soon Woven Flax Mats (5 Pack)
Coming soon (ETA 1 Nov) SKU: 1499-99 size: 50cm x 70cm

Org. Bags - small 7.5x11cmH More info Org. Bags - small 7.5x11cmH
88 in stock SKU: 1528-53 Brown


Org. Bags Med. 12cmx17cmH (10p More info Org. Bags Med. 12cmx17cmH (10p
50 in stock SKU: 1533-56 Coffee


Org. Bags Lge 14.5cmx21cmH (10 More info Org. Bags Lge 14.5cmx21cmH (10
82 in stock SKU: 1537-56 Coffee


Paper Wrap Roll 50cm x 20m More info Paper Wrap Roll 50cm x 20m
29 in stock SKU: 216099 Natural


Sisal Mesh (Natural) More info Sisal Mesh (Natural)
86 in stock SKU: 220399 size: 54cm x 6yds


Abaca Roll 48cm x 9.1m More info Abaca Roll 48cm x 9.1m
35 in stock SKU: 2300-99 Natural


Glass Terrarium with Wooden Ba More info Glass Terrarium with Wooden Ba
7 in stock SKU: 261831W size: 280x310mmH


Air Filled 13 More info Air Filled 13"
197 in stock SKU: 26424105 I Love You Monkey


Kraft Carry Bags Medium (10pk) More info Kraft Carry Bags Medium (10pk)
8 in stock SKU: 2721-99 Brown 205x85x270mmH


Kraft Carry Bags Large (10pk) More info Kraft Carry Bags Large (10pk)
280 in stock SKU: 2722-99 Brown 380x20x310mmH


Aluminium Wire More info Aluminium Wire
90 in stock SKU: 5545-51 Copper 2mmx12m


Decorative Wire Decorative Wire
79 in stock SKU: 5550-51 Copper 0.65mmx55m


Decorative Wire More info Decorative Wire
42 in stock SKU: 5550-52 Rust 0.65mmx55m


Boullion Wire More info Boullion Wire
74 in stock SKU: 5555-51 Copper 0.3mmx45m


Boullion Wire More info Boullion Wire
32 in stock SKU: 5555-52 Rust 0.3mmx45m


Binding Wire More info Binding Wire
85 in stock SKU: 5558-51 Rust 0.35mmx90m


Beaded Wire More info Beaded Wire
6 in stock SKU: 5603-51 Metallic Brandy - 10m


Christmas Tree on Kraft More info Christmas Tree on Kraft
46 in stock SKU: 7100-99 600x45m - Counter Roll


Brown Pearl Rose More info Brown Pearl Rose
70 in stock SKU: 7102-0953 600x45m - Counter Roll


Floral Lime More info Floral Lime
43 in stock SKU: 7107-6799 600x45m - Counter Roll


Hessian Runner More info Hessian Runner
67 in stock SKU: 7580-99 Natural 12"x10yds


Hessian Runner More info Hessian Runner
143 in stock SKU: 7581-99 Natural 6"x10yds


Natural Vine Heart More info Natural Vine Heart
275 in stock SKU: 8120-53 120mmD


Natural Vine Star More info Natural Vine Star
389 in stock SKU: 8121-53 150mmD


Ostrich Feathers 10pk More info Ostrich Feathers 10pk
1 in stock SKU: 8435-99 Natural 300mm


Feathers - Picks More info Feathers - Picks
55 in stock SKU: 8436-99 Ostrich 380mmL


Pheasant Feather Pick More info Pheasant Feather Pick
146 in stock SKU: 8437-99 Brown 440mm


Skeleton Leaves More info Skeleton Leaves
42 in stock SKU: 8753-99 Natural 200mm


Coloured Sand More info Coloured Sand
72 in stock SKU: 8840-99 Natural - 400gm


Shipper for VRS330 giftbox More info Shipper for VRS330 giftbox
517 in stock SKU: VRS330SH Manilla 270mm x 335mmL


Wine Bottle Shipper (10pk) More info Wine Bottle Shipper (10pk)
5 in stock SKU: VWBS1 Fits 1 Wine Bottle


Wine Bottle Shipper (10pk) - 2 bottle More info Wine Bottle Shipper (10pk) - 2 bottle
1 in stock SKU: VWBS2 Fits 2 Wine Bottles

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