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Kraft Flower Sleeves Yellow - 11.5Bx36.5Tx41L (25 pk) Natural Organic Hemp Twine 75m

Kraft Flower Sleeves Pink - 11.5Bx36.5Tx41L (25 pk) Kraft Flower Sleeves -14Bx38Tx46cmH  (25 pk)
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Waisted Vases

Waisted Vase More info Waisted Vase
12 in stock SKU: 181223 size: 113Bx115Tx230H


Small Glass Urn  - 11cmdiax15cmH More info Small Glass Urn - 11cmdiax15cmH
118 in stock SKU: 5046-09


Medium Glass Urn  - 15cmdiax20cmH More info Medium Glass Urn - 15cmdiax20cmH
10 in stock and 48 on order (ETA 1 May) SKU: 5047-09


Etched Vase - 7.5cmBx13cmTx25cmH More info Coming Soon Etched Vase - 7.5cmBx13cmTx25cmH
Coming soon (ETA 1 May) SKU: 5048-09

Large Glass Urn  - 20cmdiax27cmH More info Coming Soon Large Glass Urn - 20cmdiax27cmH
Coming soon (ETA 1 May) SKU: 5049-09

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