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Med Glass Bottle Narrow top Pink - 9cm dia x 16cm H Large Etched Tealight  - 10cm dia x 10cm H

Small Glass Urn  - 11cmdiax15cmH Artificial Lime 70x100mm - Green
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Footed Display Vase Centrepieces

Trumpet Vase (500mmh) More info Trumpet Vase (500mmh)
71 in stock SKU: 195150 size: 130Bx145Tx500mmH


Tall Classic Vase More info Tall Classic Vase
1 in stock SKU: 213660 size: 155Bx145Tx600mmH


Cylinder (Footed) More info Cylinder (Footed)
10 in stock SKU: 215840 size: 145Bx80Tx400mmH


Cylinder (Footed) More info Cylinder (Footed)
3 in stock SKU: 215850 size: 145Bx80Tx500mmH


Martini Vase (Large) More info Martini Vase (Large)
25 in stock SKU: 310550 size: 180Bx310Tx500mmH


Martini Vase (Extra Large) More info Martini Vase (Extra Large)
23 in stock SKU: 310570 size: 180Bx310Tx700mmH


Martini Vase (Small) More info Martini Vase (Small)
39 in stock SKU: 314326 size: 130Bx230Tx260mmH


Goblet Silver Base (300mmh) More info Goblet Silver Base (300mmh)
43 in stock SKU: 335230DY size: 130x170x300mmH


Goblet (Silver Base) More info Goblet (Silver Base)
19 in stock SKU: 335240DY size: 180x225x400mmH


Wine Vase (Tall) More info Wine Vase (Tall)
50 in stock SKU: 340165 size: 150Bx120Tx650mmH


Squat Martini Vase More info Squat Martini Vase
74 in stock SKU: 408618 size: 125x180x180mmH

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