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Kraft Flower Sleeves Yellow - 11.5Bx36.5Tx41L (25 pk) Hex Box - Red 200mmD

Kraft Flower Sleeves Pink - 11.5Bx36.5Tx41L (25 pk) Kraft Flower Sleeves Green - 11.5Bx36.5Tx41L (25 pk)
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Fish Bowl Vases

Fish Bowl (Small) More info Coming Soon Fish Bowl (Small)
Coming soon (ETA 5 Oct) SKU: 161612 size: 145mmD middle, 120mmH

Fish Bowl (Medium) More info Fish Bowl (Medium)
25 in stock and 120 on order (ETA 5 Oct) SKU: 161616 size: 200mmD middle, 160mmH


Fish Bowl - (Medium/Large) More info Fish Bowl - (Medium/Large)
70 in stock SKU: 161620 size: 245mmD middle, 200mmH


Fish Bowl (Large) More info Fish Bowl (Large)
37 in stock SKU: 161624 size: 300mmD middle, 240mmH


Fish Bowl - (Extra Large) More info Fish Bowl - (Extra Large)
8 in stock SKU: 161635 size: 395mmD middle, 350mmH


Fish Bowl (80mmh) More info Fish Bowl (80mmh)
551 in stock SKU: 520108 size: 80mmDMiddlex80mmH

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