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Plain Stitched Grosgrain - Forest Green 25mm x 25m Wide Base Vase Large - 15Tx20Bx30cmH

Tapered Water Vase Soft Olive-210mmH Wide Base Vase Small -12Tx16Bx20Hcm
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Tapes & Floral Adhesives

Florist Tape - Parafilm More info Florist Tape - Parafilm
394 in stock and 1800 on order SKU: 6792-65 Green


Adhesive Florist Tape More info Adhesive Florist Tape
464 in stock SKU: 6795-01 White


Adhesive Florist Tape More info Adhesive Florist Tape
404 in stock SKU: 6795-65 Green


Glue Gun More info Glue Gun
133 in stock SKU: 8335-95 Black


Glue Sticks More info Glue Sticks
37 in stock SKU: 8343-09 15 Pack


Cold Fix Glue More info Cold Fix Glue
240 in stock SKU: 8345-09 50ml Tube


Sticky Fix - 5 Metres More info Sticky Fix - 5 Metres
169 in stock SKU: 8346-65


Pot Tape More info Pot Tape
2 in stock SKU: FPT06 6mm Wide


Pot Tape More info Pot Tape
201 in stock SKU: FPT12 12mm Wide

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